Sales Associates at Snap2Sell Inc : No Qualification Required

Snap2Sell Inc is seeking Sales Associates in Nigeria. This is a company you always wanted to be part of: No corporate bullshit, super fun and great pay. To become part of the club, you will need to first prove yourself and once done, you will make lot of money. 

Job Title: Sales Associates.

Job Location: Nigeria.


Initial minimum base salary as per market rate a month + variable bonus

  • 2,000 CAN to be paid when number of app downloads reaches 50,000
  • 5,000 CAN to be paid when number of app downloads reaches 100,000
  • 10,000 CAN to be paid when number of app downloads reaches 250,000
  • A negotiable amount to be paid when number of downloads reaches over 250,000

Required Candidates:

  • This job is ideal for a student with superior sales skills. This is a field job and the candidate will spend all his time outside selling

  • Young, dynamic, energizer charged, presentable, result oriented go-getter

  • Heller-seller, aggressive- hustler, outgoing- rebel who thinks big and wants to make big in life

Job Specification(s):

  • Promote the app at the universities by placing the posters (will be provided), talking to students etc.

  • Hire the university ambassadors for snap2sell app

  • Encourage students to use the app for trading used books, offering the services such as help with homework etc. using the app

Approach the following business and encourage them upload the app and list the products/services:

  • The house rental and realtor companies

  • Small shops that don’t have websites and encourage them to list their products in the app

  • The car rental and car distributors

  • Other shops such as electronics, cosmetics etc. to encourage them to list their products (this way customers can contact them via app without even coming to the shop)

  • Restaurants, night clubs and similar venues that want to promote the events and tickets for the event under the events section. They can also use the virtual bill board of the app to promote the even

  • Hotels that want to sell the used items from the hotel such as beds, kitchen equipment etc.

  • Offices that want to sell their used items such as chairs etc.

  • Private taxi services that want to offer their services on line

Apply Before: Not Specified.

How to Apply: ONE PAGE Resume OR Apply by sending the YouTube link of three minutes video introduction of yourself and answering the question on how specifically you will achieve targets. When sending clip just cut and paste your YouTube link in the subject line. Click Here to submit your resume/video.

Organisation Description:

Snap2Sell Inc. is a young start-up company incorporated in Canada and offers the game changing solution to buying and selling on line via its app called Snap2Sell. Think of Snap2Sell App as a Ferrari of the online e-commerce and Craigslist as an old truck.

To sell and buy online the used items currently involves accessing the webpage such as craigslist, or annoying app, having PayPal account in eBay or using apps full of ads that require lengthy registration process and so on.

Snap2Sell app is solving this problem by providing the hassle free way to trade used as well as new items and services on-line. Simply download the free app and snap the picture of the item to sell. It takes 15 seconds. Same goes when finding a great deals. Just tap to buy. Snap2Sell App crates your own virtual shop for buying and selling.

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