AAUA massive recruitment for Academic and Non-Academic Staff Vacancies 73 Positions

Adekunle Ajasin University is recruiting suitable and qualified candidate to fill both academics and non academics vacant positions below:

1.) Registrar
2.) Bursar
3.) Director of Works and Services
4.) Director of Health Services
5.) Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services
6.) Deputy Director of Nursing
7.) Deputy Director of Medical Laboratory Services
8.) Deputy Director of Medical Records Services
9.) Procurement Officer
10.) Senior Procurement Officer
11.) Chief Accountant
12.) Senior Accountant
13.) Chief Supplies Officer
14.) Professor (Animal Production and Health)
15.) Reader (Animal Production and Health)
16.) Senior Lecturer (Animal Production and Health)
17.) Lecturer I (Animal Production and Health)
18.) Lecturer I (Agricultural Economics)
19.) Lecturer II (Animal Production and Health)
20.) Lecturer II (Agricultural Economics)
21.) Senior Lecturer (Agricultural Economics)
22.) Reader (Agricultural Economics)
23.) Professor (Agricultural Economics)
24.) Lecturer II (Agricultural Extension)
25.) Lecturer I (Agricultural Extension)
26.) Senior Lecturer (Agricultural Extension)
27.) Reader (Agricultural Extension)
28.) Professor (Agricultural Extension)
29.) Professor (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
30.) Reader (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
31.) Senior Lecturer (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
32.) Lecturer I (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
33.) Lecturer II (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
34.) Lecturer I (Forestry and Wood Technology)
35.) Senior Lecturer (Forestry and Wood Technology)
36.) Reader (Forestry and Wood Technology)
37.) Professor (Forestry and Wood Technology)
38.) Lecturer II (Crop Science and Pest Management)
39.) Lecturer I (Crop Science and Pest Management)
40.) Senior Lecturer (Crop Science and Pest Management)
41.) Reader (Crop Science and Pest Management)
42.) Professor (Crop Science and Pest Management)
43.) Senior Lecturer (Biochemistry)
44.) Professor (Performing and Film Arts)
45.) Reader (Performing and Film Arts)
46.) Senior Lecturer (Performing and Film Arts)
47.) Lecturer I (Performing and Film Arts)
48.) Lecturer II (Performing and Film Arts)
49.) Lecturer II (Accounting)
50.) Lecturer I (Accounting)
51.) Senior Lecturer (Accounting)
52.) Reader (Accounting)
53.) Professor (Accounting)
54.) Lecturer II (Banking and Finance)
55.) Lecturer I (Banking and Finance)
56.) Senior Lecturer (Banking and Finance)
57.) Reader (Banking and Finance)
58.) Professor (Banking and Finance)
59.) Professor (Vocational and Technical Education)
60.) Professor (Human Kinetics)
61.) Professor (Adult Education)
62.) Reader (Adult Education)
63.) Reader (Human Kinetics)
64.) Senior Lecturer (Adult Education)
65.) Senior Lecturer (Human Kinetics)
66.) Senior Lecturer (Vocational and Technical Education)
67.) Reader (Vocational and Technical Education)
68.) Lecturer II (Adult Education)
69.) Lecturer I (Adult Education)
70.) Lecturer I (Human Kinetics)
71.) Lecturer II (Human Kinetics)
72.) Lecturer II (Vocational and Technical Education)
73.) Lecturer I (Vocational and Technical Education)

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