FUNAAB Job Vacancies- 33 Positions

FUNAAB invites suitably-qualified candidates for the academic and non-academic job positions at Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) below:

1.) Lecturer II (Agric. Administration/Agric. Extension)

2.) Lecturer II (Political Science)

3.) Lecturer II (Pasture Agronomy / Pasture Agronomy & Utilization)

4.) Lecturer II (Medical & Pharmaceutical Microbiology)

5.) Lecturer II (Plant Pathology/Plant Taxonomy & Biosystematics)

6.) Lecturer II (Entomology)

7.) Director, Internal Audit

8.) Lecturer II (Structural Engineering)

9.) Lecturer II (Control Engineering)

10.) Lecturer II (Design / Modelling & Stimulating Robotics Engineering)

11.) Lecturer II (Biochemistry)

12.) Director, Physical Planning

13.) Lecturer II (Forestry Biometrics & Remote Sensing)

14.) Director, Directorate of Technologists and Technical Staff (DITTECS)

15.) Lecturer II (Home Science Management)

16.) Director, Directorate of University Farms (DUFARMS)

17.) Lecturer II (Behavioural Economics)

18.) Lecturer II (Business Administration)

19.) Deputy Registrar I, Registry

20.) Deputy Registrar II, Registry

21.) Deputy Bursar II, Bursary

22.) Lecturer II (Crop Physiology)

23.) Lecturer II (Bacterial Plant Pathology)

24.) Deputy Director II, University Farms

25.) Lecturer II (Programming & Network)

26.) Lecturer II (Physics)

27.) Lecturer II (Mathematics)

28.) Lecturer II (Statistics)

29.) Principal Medical Officer I, Health Services

30.) Lecturer I (Veterinary Surgery)

31.) Lecturer I (Veterinary Pharmacology)

32.) Lecturer I (Development Finance & Investment)

33.) Assistant Librarian

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