Evangel University Job Vacancies for Academic and Non-Academic Staff- 99 Positions

Evangel University hereby, invites application from suitably qualified candidates to fill the Teaching and Non-Teaching positions below:

1.) Assistant Lecturer (English and Literary Studies)
2.) Assistant Lecturer (History and International Relations)
3.) Assistant Lecturer (Economics)
4.) Assistant Lecturer (Biotechnology)
5.) Assistant Lecturer (Public Administration)
6.) Assistant Lecturer (Philosophy and Human Existence)
7.) Assistant Lecturer (Mass Communication)
8.) Assistant Lecturer (Computer Science)
9.) Assistant Lecturer (Industrial Chemistry)
10.) Assistant Lecturer (Political Science)
11.) Assistant Lecturers (Religious and Cultural Studies)
12.) Assistant Lecturer (Theatre and Media Arts)
13.) Assistant Lecturer (Sociology and Anthropology)
14.) Assistant Lecturer (Statistics)
15.) Lecturer I (Statistics)
16.) Lecturer II (Theatre and Media Arts)
17.) Lecturer II (Sociology and Anthropology)
18.) Lecturer II (Statistics)
19.) Lecturer II (Public Administration)
20.) Lecturer II (Religious and Cultural Studies)
21.) Lecturer I (Psychology)
22.) Lecturer II (Psychology)
23.) Lecturer II (Industrial Chemistry)
24.) Lecturer II (Computer Science)
25.) Lecturer II (Political Science)
26.) Lecturer II (Philosophy and Human Existence)
27.) Lecturer II (History and International Relations)
28.) Lecturer II (Mass Communication)
29.) Lecturer II (Biotechnology)
30.) Lecturer II (Economics)
31.) Lecturer I (Economics)
32.) Lecturer II (English and Literary Studies)
33.) Lecturer I (Biotechnology)
34.) Lecturer I (Public Administration)
35.) Lecturer I (Computer Science)
36.) Lecturer I (Industrial Chemistry)
37.) Lecturer I (English and Literary Studies)
38.) Lecturer I (Mass Communication)
39.) Lecturer I (History and International Relations)
40.) Lecturer I (Political Science)
41.) Lecturer I (Sociology and Anthropology)
42.) Lecturers I (Philosophy and Human Existence)
43.) Lecturer I (Religious and Cultural Studies)
44.) Lecturer I (Theatre and Media Arts)
45.) Senior Lecturer (Theatre and Media Arts)
46.) Senior Lecturer (Sociology and Anthropology)
47.) Senior Lecturer (Statistics)
48.) Senior Lecturer (Public Administration)
49.) Senior Lecturer (Religious and Cultural Studies)
50.) Senior Lecturer (Psychology)
51.) Senior Lecturer (Industrial Chemistry)
52.) Senior Lecturer (Philosophy and Human Existence)
53.) Senior Lecturer (Political Science)
54.) Senior Lecturer (Computer Science)
55.) Senior Lecturer (History and International Relations)
56.) Senior Lecturer (Mass Communication)
57.) Senior Lecturer (Biotechnology)
58.) Senior Lecturer (English and Literary Studies)
59.) Senior Lecturer (Economics)
60.) Associate Professor (English and Literary Studies)
61.) Associate Professor (Economics)
62.) Associate Professor (Biotechnology)
63.) Associate Professor (Public Administration)
64.) Associate Professor (History and International Relations)
65.) Associate Professor (Mass Communication)
66.) Associate Professor (Computer Science)
67.) Associate Professors (Philosophy and Human Existence)
68.) Associate Professor (Political Science)
69.) Associate Professor (Industrial Chemistry)
70.) Associate Professor (Religious and Cultural Studies)
71.) Associate Professor (Psychology)
72.) Associate Professor (Statistics)
73.) Associate Professor (Theatre and Media Arts)
74.) Associate Professor (Sociology and Anthropology)
75.) Professor (Theatre and Media Arts)
76.) Professor (Statistics)
77.) Professor (Public Administration)
78.) Professor (Religious and Cultural Studies)
79.) Professor (Psychology)
80.) Professor (Industrial Chemistry)
81.) Professor (Philosophy and Human Existence)
82.) Professor (Political Science)
83.) Professor (Computer Science)
84.) Professor (History and International Relations)
85.) Professor (Mass Communication)
86.) Professor (Biotechnology)
87.) Professor (English and Literary Studies)
88.) Professor (Economics)
89.) Assistant Registrar
90.) Graduate Higher Executive Officer
91.) Executive Officer

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